You clicked this page because you are a dedicated author that is looking to learn to help you succeed as a brand. What I teach is unique and what I am coaching will help you unlock the required skills so that you can advance into the author world. I started working on the coaching course about two years ago and launched the 1&1 coaching on the 10/5/2020. Best thing I have ever done. So you are probably thinking about why this course? I started as an author before moving to the radio and promotion side of things. Three years ago I had just one book behind me and no readers. That left me to almost give up, but I didn’t. I was dedicated just like you so I seek ways I could better myself and that is when I got myself a coach.


My coach pointed so many things where I was going wrong that were not obvious to me so I sat there doing the work, taking in the information and that is when I started to build my empire. After building my dream I started noticing improvements and people started to recognize me for who I am and that is when my books started to sell slowly. Even though I was getting slow sales, I wanted more. Who doesn’t? I worked even harder and knew that I had to do something to get out there even more. I had to get uncomfortable. What I am about to teach you will change everything and turn you into a master at dominating your social media platforms and my price for the coaching is by far affordable at a low cost. Below is just half the things I will be focusing on with you.


• Facebook – You will learn what is needed to effectively stand out in front of possible readers and this will include helping you understand key points of your Facebook platform; from engagement to building a successful Facebook platform.

• Twitter – You will learn how to be a master at Twitter and how to reach an audience as well as building a community. This platform is highly active with writers and readers. You will be equipped with the ability to i.e. use proper hashtags to understand where you will need to be on the Twitter platform.

 • Work Flow Chart – It’s easy to lose track of everything and keep up with everything so that is why we will help you build a work flow chart that suits you so that you can tackle your workload each day. Note: This may be given to you before we start the coaching session.

• Tools – We will recommend tools that will help you understand what tools you could use to help build content so that you can make your images vibrant and professional so that you can stand out.

 • Writing Tools – Sometimes formatting for kindle and paperback can be frustrating. That is why we will direct you with tools that are designed for kindle so that you don’t have to worry so much about formatting.

 • Blogging – We want to help writers get geared up for blogging and we offer our very own platform to do this. This will help you understand why blogging is so important and with the workflow chart, this will be easier to provide that content on set days or months. We will give you ideas on what you could write about and how to structure your blog post.

• Instagram – Instagram is a big platform and it can be a gold mine if use the right way. We will teach you everything you need to know to make sure that you are equipped and ready to use Instagram. From algorithms to live stories that will do wonders for you as a brand.

Branding – We want you to be aware of some important key points when it comes to branding. You will understand where you need to be when it comes to branding yourself and your book. You can’t have them both… well, you can but there is a certain way.

• Networking – Networking is a hard game and sometimes we all look for who wants to buy my book. The issue with this is that you ask the question because you are trying to pinpoint a reader. Truth is readers are everywhere. We all read. We will help you understand to simply STOP searching and START doing.

 • KPD Select – We will help you gain the skills on how to use KPD in a nutshell and how what you have learnt will help you achieve an incredible rank outcome on Amazon.





To find out in-depth about my 1&1 coaching for authors, please submit below. You are one step closer to getting the skills you need to help you as a brand. Speak to you soon.


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