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My writing is like slow foreplay; building until the reader is breathless with need. Find my novels and short stories on Amazon. Free with Kindle Unlimited.



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Hello Friends, thanks for stopping by to read my bio. As I sit and write this, I have three published novels and over a dozen short stories!  When I am not writing, my wife, Lilly and I are travelling or engaging in some outdoor activity from scuba diving wrecks off the Florida Keys to hiking the mountain ranges of North America. A few years ago, Lilly and I found ourselves on a beach in Hawaii, on the North shore to be exact.  We stumbled on this secluded stretch of sand and soon found it was the local nudist hangout.  Shocked, we almost left but after a few minutes, we decided to stay, then a few minutes later we got rid of our suits. The next two weeks found us back at the beach every day, we met many people and were introduced to the nudist lifestyle.  Lilly and I explain much of this in a podcast interview you can find here, on this site. Returning to Southern Florida, we started going to nudist resorts and again, made some friends. That might have been the end of this part of the story, but Lilly and I went a step further.  A few of our friends were into swapping partners.  After some soul searching and discussion, Lilly and I gave it a try, the rest is history. My novels and short stories often have a few common themes. First, the deal with ‘real’ people who find themselves pushing the sexual boundaries of society.  Second, my female characters often take the lead in the action.  I like strong, confident women, as Lilly can attest. Finally, I try to bring the idea that non-monogamous relationships aren’t and shouldn’t be taboo.

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The Photographer’s Story – A series of full-length novels that follow the lives of Lilly and Kyle as they explore polyamory through their erotic photography. Audible editions of some titles are available through

Book 1 - Behind the Lens
Book 2 - In Focus
Book 3 - The Photographer's Story- Books 1 and 2
Book 4 - Intimate Poses
Book 5 - Overexposed

Book 6 – Coming in 2020

Short Stories

Sharon’s Punishment
Sharon’s Punishment 2 – The Domination
Between Friends – A True Swingers Story
Amber’s Erotic Possession
Drive Inn Threesome

My Bound Valentine
A Lilly and Kyle Short Story
Naughty Christmas Cards - A Lilly and Kyle Short Story
Erin’s Erotic Adventures – Nudist Resort
Laying Out
Hot Tub Party
His Best Friend
Time For Beth
Party Time

Erin’s Erotic Adventures – Seducing the Boss   

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