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Maureen Joseph is a seasoned business woman, veteran copywriter and a lifelong goth, who goes out occasionally in the sun as per her doctor's orders. She was born in Brooklyn, NY. She holds a degree in Accounting and Computer Services. She's also studied French literature and philosophy.


June 12, 2019

Chaise Longue or Chaise Lounge?

It's been three months since I have published my book. I know, I am a new author. I do not have the experience of other authors. There may be things that I do not understand like wondering why other authors, or people, follow you on social media to only unfollow you later on. Many people have this inane need to do things to feel important. It feeds their ego. Everyone has an ego to some degree. I have it and you have it. It is responsible for one's sense of personal identity and how they fare with reality. Social media is anything but that. I think you have all heard this before. People with such big egos have never ceased to amaze me. I study them and take their words into consideration. They are the bread and butter to my 99 Ways on How to Spear a Person with a Lucky Bamboo. However, I had the joy of having a few of those malaperts grace my direct messages on one of my social media accounts. They had downloaded my eBook during its promotion. One of them so boldly explained to me that I should fire my editor because ' Chaise Longue' had been misspelled. This person said it was 'Chaise Lounge'. Another malapert explained that it was a chair you lounge in, to chill and hang out. They also mentioned that I should learn English. For those of you who had not read the book, my main character has a chaise longue in her room. It is a piece of furniture she holds very dear to her heart. Nevertheless, it took me a while to get back to my malaperts because I had prior email correspondences that needed my immediate attention. One afternoon, while avoiding the sun and going through my direct messages, I decided to confront one of my malaperts. I asked him if he had done a quick Google search before running his expert mouth.

I got no answer. He saw the message. I proceeded to tell him that I understood his frustration of not being able to utilize the internet for anything else but for the amount of likes he gets for his photoshopped ego. I bet him my left kidney that he had never read any of the books he showed on his page. He was still reading the messages and not answering. I explained to him that 'Chaise Longue' is a French word meaning; long chair. It is a loan word like 'Rendez-vous'. The term 'Chaise Lounge' is nothing but a linguistic support for people who spoke English. The latter was first used in the early 1900s. Two days later, my malapert tells me that he did not appreciate me schooling him on such a common word. There we go with that ego! I asked him if it would make him feel better to call it a long chair that one lounges in? He did not take kindly to my suggestion. Till this day, I can hear the sound of him toggling the block button on his phone. C'était magique.




 You have to read this !!!!!!
Reviewed in the United States on March 7, 2019
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase.

Total page turner! I read it all in one sitting. I couldn’t set it down. The author is excellent. I compare to James Patterson and iris Johansson. Definitely worth every penny!!!!!

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