A Poem From Cindy J. Smith - BE AWARE

Before you read this amazing poem I would like to confess that I am no WAY that type of guy to sit here and read such a thing. When I sat down giving the poem a read I was near to weeping because you could feel the emotion from the writer Cindy Smith. I don't have a clue how she has done this but you can see the passion in this writer and I am so happy I found her floating around the deep web. I want you guy to read this. If I was to pick a soundtrack and have a glass of wine reading this I would be sobbing my heart out. Well it is good to have a good cry, right? Of course, it is and it can test what type of person you are because it did me and yes I am saved. I am defiantly not evil. What left me with questions is that, what is the story behind this. I mean as an author myself I always wondered what the build-up to this was and why it happened etc. Hmmmm. I need a book on this. I hope that one day she will write this book with this poem inside.



How kind it was of you to ask

I would love a drink

It was a long day

You smiled and rose to mix it for me

Said you had found a new concoction

Thought I would really enjoy it

How sweet your gesture seemed

I did notice how odd your smile was

It never reached your eyes

Bright yet somehow cold

Like the reflection of sunlight on snow

I feigned ignorance as I watched you

Your fingers deftly blending my beverage

Strange how casually you added it

Poison of your lies, your hatred

It just seeped in with the rum

Almost unnoticeable

I told you a joke I had heard

I knew your laughter was canned

But my agenda was fulfilled

It hid from you any idea that I saw

I knew what you were doing

What you wanted to happen to me

The glass was wet with condensation

Cold and slick as you placed it in my hand

Did I thank you?

Yes, I am sure I did,

I was always so grateful when you treated me special

Your eyes glassy as you awaited my first sip

That first sip was strange

You saw my reaction and I could see  your concern

Uncertain how you should react

It was ironic really


Then I said it was delicious

I heard your sigh

A sigh of relief? Of contentment?

No matter

You questioned my reaction

Quickly I explained that it had a bite to it

Almost hot like something spicy

It was just an unexpected taste

But it works well, smooth as silk

Your smile placed back on your face

We chatted about our day

I think we talked about that summer vacation

As I knowingly drank your toxic nectar

It was working its way through my veins

Like lava, hot and molten

I felt every drop begin its journey     

Burning its way through me

My conversation light and happy

My smile bright and full of love

You probably did not know I saw

I saw your eyes momentarily glare at me

Questioning if the brew would work

Then your mask returned

Your plastic smile in place

Half-way through my hands got shaky

I knew it was your poison filling my veins

I giggled

I think I should have eaten first

This drink is stronger than I expected

Apologetically, you offered to fix me something

It won't be necessary

We both know that

But again, I pretend to be unaware

Saying I will get something later

I really am not hungry

The drink is very good

You sit back down,

Our idle chatter begins again

When my drink is finished

I stand

My body feels weak, wobbly

I don't mean to be a bother

But could you help me to bed?

I think it would be best for all concerned

Tenderly you grab my arm and lead me

As I lay down I feel my heart slow

The final stop for your hatred

My eyes start to water

I look you in the eye

I love you

I will always love you

I hope this freedom you have given us both

Is all you dream it will be

Yes, dear,

I willingly drank your potion

Even though

I saw

I know right! This poem was on fire I tell ya. It's that good we decided to place this in our Magazine issue this 16th of May so don't forget to subscribe on our website to read FREE.

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