This breaks my heart when I talk to clients. Because of this virus people are giving up on their work and when I asked why, this is what I get.

'I don't know what the future is for me now. I don't know if I am wasting very little time I have?'

I get that, I really do. Nicole and I sat at our desk thinking the same thing has if the world was ending. We had to keep going because the truth is we don't have control on what the future holds. We can plan the future but the future won't always be how we want it. I believe the now is what matters most and I feel so much better thinking about now rather than the future. We have to keep going. It is who we are as humans. We always find away around situations.


What really gets me is that we are trying to fight a deadly virus that kills people but not everyone dies from it. But you get those people that don't care about anyone else but themselves and that really gets me to the point I want to scream! But what will that do? Nothing... But people panic buying and going out in groups are the ones that will cause more harm then good, you don;t need to panic buy. Imagine if we all just got along? We have spoken about this in out Live radio with Maureen Joseph Its a sad situation and it is even more sad when people don't know how bad this virus can get. We are told to isolate to stop the spread but some will say 'I don't have the virus so why does this apply to me?' Well that's an easy question to answer and it doesn't matter if you have it or not. Three things can happen. Rather 1 - you get the virus and you go out and spread it. 2 - You self isolate to protect yourself and protect others. 3 - You could be a vessel for the virus and show no reaction (Super spreader.) I know that there is so many people that don't know what to do and are most probably scared about not having food and medication due to vulnerability so the good news is that if you are a vulnerable UK Resident then please click here and register on the official gov website. Please understand that it could take awhile so please read the information carefully.


Stick to the facts before sharing stupid content from indi papers like The Mirror or The Sun. Those papers will convince you that you are dying. Just saying... Always stick to what your government and health advisers are telling you and stick with known media like the BBC News. For more information On the Covid-19 and symptoms please click here for the official NHS advice in the UK. Please be mindful when sharing fake news because it will come back on you because the government is trying so hard to fight fake news due to misleading information and to protect the vulnerable. Stay safe everyone and remember to share this because we stick with the facts and more awareness is needed for this kind of thing.


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