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We thought that it would be best if we just cleared something up to save the confusion. It's pretty simple. The Right Buzz belongs to Talk about it Friday but will be recognised as The Right Buzz, a Talk about it Friday Podcast Show. Oh boy we love this new branding. So why the sudden change? Well lets say for instance that a car was built in the 90s a Nissan micro, now look at the modern Nissan's today, nice looking, right? well you get the idea why we needed to redesign our brand to give it that "wow" Told you it was simple. Anyway, let's talk more of what everyone can expect from our new podcast shows. We wanted to try and spice things up Nicole and myself, and that was to try and find topics that people would be interested in. Now people love our interviews but we wanted to add something else in the mix like talking about life, health, and just talk about issues that are going on in the world. We also want to have a laugh and give you guys a Buzz (Hence the name) but lets be honest, every brand needs to try new things because life matters and we know there is so many possibilities!


Our first Magazine is the talk right now. We are so close to publishing our second Magazine this month on the 16th and this will be the case every month so subscribe to read for FREE. We talk about so much in our magazine and the main focus of our Mag is our guests. You will find great topics inside like our monthly bite. Inside this issue you will find our monthly bite article about relationship breakups. After being in similar situation I felt that this should be our monthly bite topic. Hey, if you like the idea of our 'monthly bite' we would love to hear what monthly bite topic you would love to read, unfortunately it is not inside the first issue but will be in our new mag. Anyhow, thank you all so much for reading this blog post and sure hope that you guys follow us on Spotify and tell you friends about us.

See you soon!


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